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learn the science of Advanced modern Analysis in stock trading

Why My Mentorship Program

Grow your knowledge and stay ahead of old school learning method

Updated Curriculum

With changing market dynamics I make sure to keep my course curriculum updated every 2 months.

Trusted Knowledge

With over 11+ years of experience, tried & tested strategies, helping over 4000+ people mentoring to learn the concepts of order flow analysis.

Anytime, Anywhere

Learn as per your comfort, my courses and live sessions in my mentorship are all hosted online with all recorded sessions provided to students on daily basis.

Affordable Pricing

My mission and vision aligns to help people have a sound understanding of the latest concepts, techniques & learning systems available to succeed.

1 year mentorship

Not only you recieve access to my course but also You & Me will be working together towards on everyday basis connecting online to give you guidance & clear doubts.

Recorded Sessions

In case you miss out on any of the live classes you will be provided with daily live recording of the sessions.

Course 1

Learn Concepts of Modern Analysis

Understand, implement & take decisions in market based on the market buy order volume & identifying the breakouts.

Learn Order Flow Analysis

11 Lessons
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Course 2

Learn Market Profile

Understand and analyze market profile, helping you to create and plot market profile.

Learn How to construct & analyze market profile

21 Lessons
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Course 3

Learn Market Cycles

Learn to understand the Big Buyers & Big Sellers direction in the live market to help you plot the places to exit & enter.

Learn To Determine Market cycles

21 Lessons
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Course 4

Learn Risk Management

Market is all about the emotions, Learn to control your emotions in the live market to keep your capital safe.

Learn Achieve mindset of successful trader

4 Lessons
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I Am Vishal Kumbar

I Am A Pro-Trader & Mentor On A Mission To Help People Succeed In Using my signature strategy & modern analysis, I Have Conducted Over 100+ Order Flow Events, Mentored 4000+ People & Delivered Masterclass To Over 55000+ People.
My mission is to help people understand the better learning process to understand order flow analysis rather than relying on the old school way of learning, trying & failing to achieve success.

learn to Conquer Stock market Trading Using
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